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Forensic Rescue Ltd

Every effort is  being made to encourage victims to come forward. Many Sexual Assault Resource Centres are equipped to take Forensic evidence anonymously, without requiring the victim to report the crime to the police. Many victims of sexual violence suffering post traumatic stress can start to receive the care and counselling they need while the forensic evidence can be collected and even put on file. This anonymous evidence has helped the police to build up a picture of serial rapists even where all of the victims are not officially reporting their attacks. Anotoni Imiela, known as the M25 rapist, was caught and convicted in this way.

The Evidence Recovery System (ERS) is a harmless, simple, and non-invasive method of collecting physical evidence from both victim and suspect who do not wish to consent to a full forensic examination.

This new and patented Evidence Recovery System (ERS) comprises of two main components: the first being a microscopic strainer, developed by Forensic Rescue Ltd, that fits in the outlet of a standard bath or shower capturing forensic evidence that is likely to go down the drain - the second is a method of collecting fibres, glass fragments, DNA material, biological material and other particulates dislodged from a person washing and adhering to the walls and bottom of the bath/shower.


Forensic Rescue

The Forensic RescueTM Plug

Part of the new Evidence Recovery System (ERS)