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Deployed ERS

Images of particulates found on the sieve assembly of a deployed Forensic Rescue plug seen by the new TM-1000 Tabletop Microscope from Hitachi High-Technologies.

(Above) Low magnification (x 40) image of fibres and particles held by mesh of plug cover. On the surface appears to be a larger hair, smaller fibres can also be clearly observed. Particles with a heavier composition than that of the surrounding material appear brighter on the image due to the back scatter nature of the detector.


(Above) Low magnification (x 250) image of one of the particles . held by the mesh. Using the measurement capability within the microscope, the size of one fibre and and the particle have been measured.


(Above) Higher magnification image of the particle held by the mesh. Fibres appear to be lying across the surface and some of the finer topographical structure of the particle can now be seen. Again, due to the back scatter nature of the detector, it can clearly be seen that the particle has a heavier composition than that of the fibres.


(Above) High magnification (5kx) image of the particle. The particle appears to be the amalgamation of a large number of small spherical particles less than ~ 2 µm in diameter.


(Above) Low magnification image of the large hair crossing the field of view in the first image shown. Other fibres and hairs can be observed lying below this large hair. Also small contaminating particles lying on the surface of the hair can clearly be seen due to the change in composition between them and the hair.


(Above) 1000x magnification SEM image of the hair and fibre lying perpendicular to and underneath the large hair in the previous image. The fine structure of the ~100 µm hair can clearly be observed. Large particles of ~100 µm can be seen lying underneath the hair and much smaller particles can be seen lying on fibres or other material toward the left hand side of the image.


The Hitachi TM-1000 Tabletop Microscope uses scanning electron microscope technology (SEM).