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Evidence Recovery System -ERS

The Evidence Recovery System, or ERS for short, is a special plug with a fine filter in it which allows water to drain away from the bath or shower, but which collects very small particles and fibres that have been washed off a person's body whilst they are in the bath or shower. Examples can be seen on the Deployed ERS page.

Fibres and particles are tiny and can be anything from skin, hair, clothing, blood, grass, grit or a myriad of other materials. They can come from the offender who has committed an assault and /or the surrounding area where the assault took place.

The ERS is harmless, simple and non-invasive. It can be used to collect evidence both from victims and suspects who do not wish to consent to a full forensic examination.

How will it help?

The Evidence Recovery System improves the quality of investigations and enhances victim welfare.

Improve the quality of investigations

  • Collect evidence from a person not able to consent to a full sexual offences examination.

  • In serious cases - to ensure that all evidence available on a person is collected.

Enhancing victim welfare

  • Psychological benefit by giving victims greater involvement in the early stages of the investigative process.

  • Peace of mind by giving victims the knowledge that all possible evidence has been captured.

A victim washing in the bath or shower and letting all the water drain through the filter in the ERS plug can collect DNA, fibres and particles that come off the body.


The Forensic RescueTM Plug

Part of the new Evidence Recovery System (ERS)